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“Significant and long-standing medical and psychiatric literature exists that demonstrates clear benefits of medical and surgical interventions to assist gender variant individuals seeking transition.”

~ American Psychiatric Association Position Statement on Access to Care for Transgender and Gender Variant Individuals

Disclaimer: This image displays individuals who are models and who are not necessarily members of the group for whom the content is intended. Gender Health Services coordinates with other divisions and departments to provide personal comprehensive care for our youth and young adults through age 26.

  • Cross-gender Hormone Therapy – Gender Health Services provides cross-gender hormone therapy. We consult as needed with Pediatric or Adult Endocrinology
  • Pubertal Blockade
  • Mental Health Assessment – Referrals and coordinated care
  • Surgical Services – Referrals and coordination of care (as medically necessary)
    • Orchiectomy – Urology (adults only)
    • Gender-affirming Top Surgery – Plastic Surgery or Breast Surgery
  • Vocal Therapy – Speech Pathology
  • Fertility Services – Referrals and coordination of care with Reproductive Endrocrinology and Andrology
  • Social Work Services