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Adolescent & Young Adult Reproductive Healthcare

Disclaimer: This image displays individuals who are models and who are not necessarily members of the group for whom the content is intended.If you are a young woman or man between the ages of 12 and 25 years old, Adolescent Medicine can assist you with reproductive health care that may be confidential at your request.

  • Birth Control Options
  • Emergency Contraception (“Morning After Pill”)
  • Problem Menstrual Periods
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening and Treatment.

Read more about our reproductive healthcare services and treatment.

Let us help with your sensitive healthcare needs.
We will ensure that you feel safe and welcomed by our team of caring physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and staff.

Contact Us

Adolescent Medicine

Golisano Children’s Hospital
601 Elmwood Avenue
Box 690
Rochester, NY 14642

Phone: (585) 275-2964 (Monday – Friday)
Fax: (585) 242-9733

Please be sure to tell us if you would like your visit to be confidential.

We are on the RTS bus line.

Reproductive Health Resources