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Brianne Schmidt, RD

Current Appointment

Clinical Nutrition Specialist and Research Dietitian


Ms. Schmidt completed the Cornell Dietetic Internship in 2009 and is a graduate of the LEND fellowship. She started working at the University of Rochester in 2009 as a research dietitian for the Autism Treatment Network’s Diet and Nutrition Study, which gathered data on the nutritional status and behaviors of children with ASD at five sites across the United States.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Evaluates a child’s diet and offers recommendations to improve the nutritional status of children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental and physical disabilities
  • Provides nutritional counseling to families of children with autism and other developmental disabilities that have concerns about their child’s nutritional status (including weight (overweight or underweight), picky eating, and special diets/supplements)
  • Provides nutritional support for children receiving services from our feeding clinic
  • Provides support and works with the Autism Treatment Network (ATN) in the diet and nutrition in autism workgroup
  • Provides training and education for students in the Cornell Dietetic Internship thru visits with patients in the clinic

Patient Care Profile

Through her work with children autism and other developmental disabilities, Ms. Schmidt has gained a unique understanding of their specific nutritional and diet needs. She is interested in both nutrition research and clinical dietetics including the assessment of the nutritional status of children with ASD, assisting with dietary supplement selections, feeding disorders, weight management, and counseling on safe complimentary therapy use.

She recognizes that families are often faced with conflicting recommendations and options regarding their child’s diet and is interested in helping families figure out what is the best option for their child. Ms. Schmidt meets with families on a regular basis and helps them implement nutrition-related recommendations.


  • 2011, University of Rochester, LEND Fellowship
  • 2009, Cornell University, Dietetic Internship
  • 2008, Cornell University, Bachelors of Science - Nutritional Sciences