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Developmental and Behavioral Research

Studies aimed at improving the lives of those affected by developmental challenges

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The University of Rochester has one of the largest research programs for individuals with autism spectrum disorder in the U.S.

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics receives research awards from organizations such as the National Institutes of Health and Maternal and Child Health Bureau. We also receive awards from private foundations such as Autism Speaks.

Current Studies

    Comparing interventions to help minimally verbal children with autism spectrum disorder
  • AIR-B
    Seeking to reduce disparities through new and sustainable interventions
  • Elopement
    Using a parent education model to develop a behavior plan that addresses wandering
  • Health Literacy
    Investigating how young people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder navigate the health system and manage their own care
  • PT Feeding
    Helping parents of a child with autism manage feeding problems
    Supporting elementary students with autism spectrum disorder by coaching educators
  • Seychelles Child Development Study
    Studying child development in the Republic of Seychelles and factors that may modify links between mercury exposure and child development

Study Outcomes

Our studies have

  • Improved standards of medical care
  • Identified effective treatments
  • Explained possible causes and characteristics of autism spectrum disorder and other intellectual disabilities
  • Documented effects of exposure to methylmercury on child development

Review our list of recent publications to learn more.