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URMC ECHO Autism and Developmental Disorders

ECHO Autism & DD is a virtual learning network of medical providers that allows for real-time access to experts in autism and other developmental disorders. This ECHO aims to support pediatric & family medicine primary care teams in Western New York in the care of children and youth with autism and other developmental disorders through telementoring and case-based learning.

How does it work?

Each teleECHO session consists of a case presentation by a community-based primary care provider and a didactic presentation by the hub team. Time is allowed for questions and answers. Didactics are recorded and made available to participants, along with any resources discussed, in a secure Box folder.

Register Now!

To find out when sessions are scheduled to occur and to register, or to simply learn more, please contact Claudia Perez.

Email: Claudia Perez, Project Coordinator
Phone: (585) 273-3073

Our Hub Team

Contact Us

Program Director: Susan Hyman, MD, (585) 275-6621
Project Director: Lynn Cole, PNP, (585) 275-2986
General QuestionsClaudia Perez, (585) 273-3073
Technical Assistance: Mark Williams, (585) 275-6601