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Sitz Marker Study

What is a Sitz Marker Study?

A sitz marker study is most often used with patients who are suffering from chronic constipation. It is a colon transit study that uses tiny “markers” to estimate how fast or slow food/stool travels through the intestines. Our institution uses the simplified SITZMARKS® method. This capsule contains 24 small markers which will show up on X-rays and let the doctors track their progress through your intestines.

Specific Instructions

  1. Do not swallow capsule on Monday or Tuesday.
  2. On Day 0: Swallow sitz marker capsule. Alternatively, the capsule may be opened and the rings can be mixed with applesauce, but make sure all the rings are swallowed.
  3. On Day 5: Obtain abdominal X-ray - to see if any of the "markers" are left in your colon or have been expelled. The more markers you have left in your body, the slower your colon motility.
    • If the X-ray is being done at a Strong facility, then the order should already be in the system, and you should be able to walk-in to Strong Memorial Hospital or to Building D in the Clinton Crossing Complex if the patient is over the age of 9 years.
    • If the X-ray is being done at an outside facility, please ask for a requisition form.
  4. Do not take any stimulants (Dulcolax or Senna), bulk-forming fibers, suppositories and saline enemas during the test. You may continue taking Miralax or Lactulose if used.
  5. Please call office for any questions. The number is 585-275-2647.

Reference Table for when to get X-ray

Day 0 (Swallow capsule.) Day 5 (Obtain X-ray.)
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday
Saturday Thursday
Sunday Friday