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Recruit Diverse Learners, Faculty and StaffRECRUIT diverse learners, faculty, and staff

Combatting systemic racism involves both academic research to guide community and clinical interventions, and increased intentional inclusion of people of color and other historically minoritized groups in faculty, residencies, fellowships and beyond to ensure the contributions of diverse viewpoints to our research, clinical, and educational mission. The Department of Pediatrics will engage in a wide-ranging approach to promote education within our own health system, to recruit diverse learners, faculty, and staff, and to better address the health care needs of our communities of color. Our research and scholarship will include tenets of community-based approaches and include community voices in planning and dissemination. This is the foundation of the Biopsychosocial Model, in which health is viewed as all-encompassing, and occurring well outside of our health systems in the communities where children live, study, and play.


Pipeline & Trainee Support

  • Partner with the Student National Medical Association, Latino Medical Students Association, the Association of Minority Residents and Fellows, and White Coats for Black Lives to provide support for and engage with trainees of color at various levels within our institution
  • Engage with the medical school’s existing pipeline programs for students from early education through undergraduate school to provide more robust experiences in Pediatrics for students exploring a career in health care


Engage with the Black and Latino Physicians Networks to build a more diverse array of mentorship opportunities for our residents and fellows


  • Implement centralized faculty recruitment in order to improve the recruitment experience for all candidates; provide particular focus on mentorship, professional development, and inclusion for faculty candidates from diverse backgrounds, including those who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and those who are international and/or bilingual candidates
  • Collaborate with residency and fellowship training programs to support recruitment of diverse trainees into faculty positions
  • Prioritize adjunct faculty recruitment for community leaders who speak directly to our diversity mission


  • Advocate for wage compression program and benefits cuts restoration through the URMC Recovery Task Force
  • Collaborate with GCH Human Resources to create intentional structures for job mobility and equitable access to training opportunities for staff
  • Work with the Vice Chair for Academic Affairs to create a supportive faculty paradigm from recruitment to retirement
  • Support the Vice Chair for Academic Affairs in developing equity and inclusion metrics for the promotions and tenure process, collaborating with the University of Rochester School of Medicine Office of Faculty and Office of Equity and Inclusion