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Fundraising Tips

Thank you for choosing to help the region’s only children’s hospital. To help make your event a true success, we want to help spread the word about your event and provide you with some tips on organizing your fundraiser. Please contact Betsy Findlay to go over your ideas, then follow the steps below for guaranteed success!

  1. Choose your planning committee. Gather together some friends and family who are enthusiastic to help with your fundraiser.
  2. Have a brainstorming session. Get those creative juices flowing with your committee. Find something you’re truly passionate about, and it will make planning the event easy and fun!
  3. Establish goals. Set measurable and attainable goals. How much would you like to fundraise? How much time do you have to plan? How will you get the word out? Don’t forget to track your progress!
  4. Choose your event. What kind of fundraiser best uses the talents in your committee?
  5. Identify your target audience. Who do you want to participate? Is it a community event, or is it for a specific organization?
  6. Set your budget. What can you afford? Try to keep costs down to ensure maximum funds are raised.
  7. Schedule your event. Unless it is specifically for them, be sure to avoid major holidays in order to ensure as much participation as possible.
  8. Promote, promote, promote! Share why you’ve decided to get involved. Email news stations a few days before the event and local newspapers at least 10 days in advance. Give them details about the time and location as well as contact information if they have more questions. Post on community bulletin boards, create an event page on Facebook and invite friends and don’t forget about the word of mouth.
  9. Take pictures. Have someone photograph the event. Pictures of small groups can be used for newspaper coverage after the event, as well as Facebook and our website. To submit your event’s pictures, email
  10. Remember to say thanks! Be sure to thank all the participants and organizers for their time and hard work and let them know how much money was raised. Also make sure you take pictures and send them to us for our Facebook page!