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Applications will be evaluated using a 5-point rubric assessing 1) commitment to research, 2) alignment with the NEUROCITY program, 3) impact of the NEUROCITY program, and 4) ability to overcome challenges.  Applicants may be invited for an informational conversation with Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience Diversity Commission members.

Evaluation Rubric

  1. Commitment to Research: Be able to show a strong interest in neuroscience or neuroscience-related research by discussing relevant career goals and how this opportunity will help applicants achieve those goals.
  2. Alignment with Program: Be able to identify one or more scientific research fields applicants want to explore, a particular research technique, or a scientific question on which applicants would like to work. This explanation could also include potential UR faculty mentors and host labs.
  3. Impact of the Program: Be able to show strong enthusiasm for the NEUROCITY program and give specific examples of how this program could help applicants achieve their future goals.
  4. Ability to Overcome Challenges: Be able to show how past lived experiences have impacted applicants' educational and career paths and ability to overcome challenges.  Applicants demonstrate a respectful and professional attitude when interacting with others.


As long as you meet all eligibility criteria, applications will not be evaluated based on the following:

  • Cumulative GPA.
  • Previous research experience.
  • Letters of recommendations are optional and will not affect the standing of applications. Letters of recommendation can be used to support the evaluation rubric assessment above.


Applications are currently not being accepted.  Please check back for re-opening of applications.