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Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience / UR CABIN / Start a Research Project

Getting Started


  1. Complete the New Imaging Study Information Form.
  2. The study will be reviewed for scientific and financial feasibility by an UR CABIN committee and you will be notified if any additional information is required.
  3. All study personnel involved with the study must undergo MRI safety training. Only those who have been officially safety-trained may enter the magnet rooms.
  4. Obtain appropriate approval for human (RSRB) or animal (UCAR) studies. For human studies, CABIN template language must be used in your RSRB application.

After all information is received and the study is approved, the PI and other study personnel will be given a new user account to use on the CABIN scheduling system​. Don’t forget to join the UR CABIN user group at (link), where all important information and announcements about the center are shared.

All CABIN forms and policies can be found here. Please contact UR CABIN if you have questions about getting started or to discuss the feasibility of your proposed study.

Don’t forget to join the UR CABIN user email distribution list, where all important information and announcements about the center are shared.

Fee Structure

The Office of Research Accounting and Costing Standards (ORACS) approved rate for use of the magnet is $600/hour billed in 15 minute increments, for projects funded through federal, foundation or university awards that include Facility Administrative (F&A) indirect rate costs.

For projects that do not include indirect costs, the scanning rate is $924/hour

Access to Magnet and Subject Scheduling

Access to the magnet suite is limited only to personnel who have passed the MRI safety training, only when CABIN staff is present. Key-card access to the magnet suite is strictly controlled and no door should ever be propped open to allow non-approved access. 

Subject scheduling is handled through CALPENDO scheduling system. All approved users have access to view available time slots, and must email Zach Miller with study information to request booking for a specific time.

Cancellations must be made in a timely fashion, preferably within 24 hours of the scheduled time. Cancellations not made in a timely fashion or misuse of the cancellation policy may result in billing penalties.