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Human Subject Compliance (RSRB)

Human Subject Compliance

Approval must be obtained from the Research Subjects Review Board before any project can start using the 3T MRI. For all human studies, investigators are required to use the provided RSRB templates, prefilled with language required by CABIN. Investigators should follow the instructions in the templates and in the how-to guide.

Data Security

If a project will collect, transmit, or store data electronically, the investigator MUST complete and submit this Human Subject Research Electronic Data Security Form or pdf with pre-filled responses required by CABIN.

If you want to provide your research subjects with an image of their brain scan you must submit the Image release form as part of your RSRB application to be approved as part of your protocol. The MR Screening form also needs to be submitted as part of your RSRB and approved as part of your protocol (see how to guide).