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Frame Selection Guide

William Morris Black LabelEveryone is different, but the following rules are a good jumping off point when picking the frame that best fits your face. Above all, make sure that you choose something that doesn’t cover your eyebrows, won’t rest on your cheeks, and centers your lenses directly over your pupils.

Face Shape & Frame Style

Oval Face

Oval FaceLucky you! Your face looks good in most frame styles. We only recommend that you pick something in proportion to your face.

Suggested Styles
Any frame shape

Square Face

Square FaceYou can complement a square face with frames that are slightly curved. The top of the frames should sit high enough on the face to minimize your jaw line. Square faces generally have prominent jaw lines, a broad forehead and wide cheekbones. Soft curvy styles will reduce the angles of your face and give you more definition.

Suggested Styles
Classic ovals, cat eye shapes
and rounded shapes

Oblong Face

Oblong FaceOblong faces are long, narrow and similar to square faces in that the chin and cheek are of nearly the same width.  However, your facial length is far greater than its width. You may widen and shorten the face with frame styles that do not go beyond the widest part of the face.

Suggested Styles
Round and square

Diamond Face

Diamond FaceA diamond shaped face looks better with round or square frame styles. Frames with short horizontal and long vertical lines will also fit well. Adding decorative or contrasting temples will make your face look wider.

Suggested Styles
Oval, Square and Rimless

Round Face

Round FaceIf you want to make your face look longer, select a frame with straight or angular lines.  Deep, dark colors also help. Your frame should be equal or slightly wider than the broadest part your face. You can also add definition with soft, angular, rectangular styles or double brow styles or try frames with higher temples.

Suggested Styles
Wider frames with angular shapes or rectangular styles

Triangle Face

TriangleThis shape is defined by a broad forehead and narrow mouth and chin.  Frames with a thin rim and vertical lines will help balance the bottom part of the face. Frames should not sit too high on the face. Avoid large frames, heavy nose bridges, bold colors and square shapes. Styles should angle outward at the top corner and be wide enough to balance the jaw line.

Suggested Styles
Metal rimless frames, frames with straight top lines and cat eye shapes

Other Hints


If you have a large nose, you may want to select oversize frames for balance. Longer noses are best complemented by high sidebars that draw attention upward toward the temples and a double bridge can make your nose appear shorter. If you have a small nose, a high bridge in a light color can lengthen a short nose to one that is small in proportion to the rest of the face.


Lighter frames and frame colors tend to disappear on the face if you want to minimize the appearance of your glasses. Dark, bold and chunky frames stand out and make fashion statements. If you have a fair complexion lightweight frames with a touch of color or lighter tortoiseshell colors may work best. People with darker complexions and hair color should consider bold frames and bold colors and may look great in gold silver or clear frames

Now that you know the rules, go out and break them. If you really love it, your confidence will show through when you wear it. Just make sure that the fit is as fabulous as the frame!