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The Benefits of Telemedicine for College Students

May. 1, 2024

You’re off at college, away from your primary care provider, and you’re coming down with an illness. Or maybe your young adult child is off at college and sick for the first time without you—and you don’t know where they should go.

For college students, telemedicine offers easy access to care when juggling busy class schedules or unable to get an appointment at the student health center. Plus, telehealth services are often more affordable than doctor appointments or even urgent care visits.

UR Medicine’s On-Demand Video Visits are open to anyone currently located in New York or Florida—including college students—allowing them to see a health care professional from anywhere on campus. You can connect from your dorm room, apartment, the student center, or your parked car between classes. Visits are available to anyone ages 18 and older.

Seeing a provider via video visit is a great option if you're feeling sick, notice a new rash, or have any non-emergent health concerns.

Video Visit Do’s and Don’ts

We’ve got you covered with telemedicine tips to get the most out of your video visit:

  • Location: You can do a video visit from anywhere your phone has internet/data access, but it’s best to have a quiet space where you can focus.
  • Privacy: It’s best to be alone during a video visit, for medical privacy reasons. If you’ve got a roommate, try to find somewhere to be alone.
  • Internet: Be sure your internet connection is stable, whether through Wi-Fi or cellular data on your phone.
  • Camera: Set up your camera before the appointment. Have your device resting on a flat, stable surface, be sure your area is well-lit, and have the camera at eye level.
  • Preparation: Write down what you want to discuss: your symptoms, any current medications, and your temperature if it’s relevant. Keep your pen and paper handy to take notes while you talk to the doctor.
  • Reminder: Don’t forget to request a doctor’s note, available immediately after your visit, if you missed class or work because of your health conditions.

The provider may recommend that you schedule an in-person visit if you have urgent symptoms, such as shortness of breath or a persistent cough, or if you have symptoms that may indicate COVID-19 and require a diagnostic test.

And if you don’t have a primary care provider, good news: you can get set up as a new patient with UR Medicine after your On-Demand Video Visit. Increased access to a primary care provider makes it easier to schedule an appointment the next time you need one.

For University of Rochester students, this service is not covered by the mandatory health fee. UR students can find information about how to access healthcare services at the UHS website: Locations and hours - University Health Service.

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If you’re not able to be seen at your primary care provider’s office, On-Demand Video Visits are a quick and convenient way to get telemedicine care from anywhere.

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