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Pediatrics / Childhood Adversity and Resilience Lab / Previous Research Projects


Previous Research Projects

Fostering Futures: Healing Childhood Trauma through Positive Parenting

Aim: To develop and implement a social-emotional educational curriculum for young children in foster care and to train foster parents to serve as peer mentors during an evidence-based foster parent training.
Funded by JM McDonald Foundation.

The National Children’s Study (NCS) and Children in Out-of-Home Care

Aim: To devise methods for identifying, recruiting and retaining children in the NCS study who enter foster or kinship care.
Funded by National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD).

Fostering Futures: Training and Support for Foster Parents

Aim: To provide quality child care activities for children in foster care while parents attend weekly training.
Funded by Center for Community Health.

Fostering Connections

Aim: To implement an evidence-based parenting program for foster parents, and to conduct a comparative effectiveness analysis for best practice delivery models in foster care pediatrics.
Funded by New York State Health Foundation.

Healthy Futures for Children in Foster Care: Translating Evidence into Practice

Aim: To build an evidence-based pediatric medical home for foster care including mental health services for children in foster care, foster and birth parent training, and a new model for foster care visitation (coached visitation) co-located in the pediatric office building.
Funded by Centers for Disease Control.

Promoting Resilience, Opportunity, Mentorship, Independence, and Self-Efficacy (PROMISE)

Aim: To provide peer-group education and adult mentorship for youth in out-of-home care.
Funded by Marie C. & Joseph C. Wilson Foundation.

Primary Care Based Mental Health Screening for Adolescents in Foster Care

Aim: To use a mixed-methods approach to assess the feasibility and accuracy of standardized mental health screening.
Funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Timely Intervention for Developmental and Emotional Success

Aim: To study the implementation of standardized developmental screening for young children in foster care.
Funded by Halcyon Hill Foundation.