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Community Based Curriculum

Fellows have opportunities to participate in clinical, teaching, and consultative activities in the following venues:

University of Rochester Primary Care Clinics

UR Primary Care clinics offer opportunities to provide technical assistance and formal teaching to residents at Golisano Children's Hospital, Rochester General Hospital, Culver Medical Group Med-Peds practices, and Highland Family Medicine.

These clinics serve one-third of the children in Rochester. They work within the same electronic medical record system, allowing development of point-of-service teaching through templates and other tools.

Complex Care Center

The Complex Care Center is a new primary care and consultative venue, providing medical and oral health services to older youth and adults with chronic health conditions that started during childhood (intellectual and developmental disabilities, sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, congenital heart disease, etc.). This site serves as a training and service venue focusing on transition-age populations.

Monroe Community Hospital

Monroe Community Hospital is where fellows engage in primary care for children with severe developmental disabilities who reside at the hospital, where they learn about rehabilitation, long-term care, and medical home concepts.

Community Technical Assistance

Projects are undertaken by Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics faculty and fellows by partnering with community agencies. Fellows observe, design, and deliver faculty-supervised technical assistance projects related to community needs assessment, program planning and evaluation, standards of care, public policy formulation, and legislation/rule making. Examples include Department of Health (DOH) evaluation of early intervention services, access to health care for transition age youth, access to dental care, and needs assessment for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.