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Pediatric Hospital Medicine Educational Activities

Pediatric Hospital Medicine's teaching and education activities include:Pediatric Hospital Medicine

  • Resident and medical student education
  • Oversight of Pediatric Hospital Medicine teams
  • Evaluations of residents and medical students

Pediatric Hospital Medicine Curriculum

  • Two formal teaching sessions per week
  • Teaching as a part of patient care
  • Provide residents and medical students with feedback and evaluations
  • Simulation-based training
  • Presentations at noon conference
  • Oversight of skills block sessions
  • Facilitation at morning report

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Program

Simulation Instructor Course

  • The pediatric simulation program provides teams of physicians, nurses, and other health professionals with an opportunity to practice evaluating and managing patients.
  • Simulation provides a safe environment for learning new skills and improving teamwork.

Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship Program