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Pediatrics / Pryhuber Research Lab / Lab Members


Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Gloria Pryhuber M.D.Gloria S. Pryhuber, M.D.

Principal Investigator

Gloria Pryhuber, M.D.

Dr. Pryhuber's laboratory is applying advances in molecular biology to study how TNF and oxidant stress interact to alter pulmonary cell survival, gene expression and function, with an ultimate goal of improving therapy for inflammatory lung disease.

Dr. Pryhuber is a faculty member in the Division of Neonatology of Golisano Children's Hospital and is also a member of the Environmental Health Sciences Center.

Lab Members

Heidie HyuckHeidie Huyck

Technical Associate and Laboratory Manager

Heidie is currently the lab manager for the new Pediatric Biospecimen Processing Lab as well as the lab manager for the Pryhuber Lab at the University of Rochester Medical Center. She has worked for Dr. Gloria Pryhuber since July 1997. Prior to coming to the University of Rochester, Heidie worked at the Hershey Medical Center for Dr. Patrick Quinn from December 1995 through July 1997. She graduated from South Williamsport Area Junior/Senior High in 1991 and from Rochester Institute of Technology in May of 1995 with a Bachelors of Science in Biotechnology.

Ravi MisraRavi Misra, Ph.D.

Ravi earned his Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Vermont in the lab of Dr. Ralph Budd studying the role of caspases in the activation of murine T cells. He then took a Postdoctoral Researcher position at Trudeau Institute, in the lab of Dr. Frances Lund, studying B cell biology and autoimmunity. Ravi stayed with Dr. Lund as she moved her lab to URMC. He then joined Dr. Pryhuber’s lab in late 2011 to study the immune phenotype of prematurely born infants. He is currently developing models for studying these immune cells and is responsible for overseeing the isolation of purified cell populations from patient sample for downstream molecular analysis.