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Renal & Cardiovascular Research

Renal & CardiovascularOur research in renal and cardiovascular health spans bench to bedside and is conducted by investigators across multiple divisions.

At the bedside, research includes identification, treatment, and prevention for children with cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia. This important and internationally recognized work has advanced the understanding of neurocognitive sequelae of pediatric hypertension as well as long term outcome from other cardiovascular risk factors that are traditionally only studied in adults.

At the bench, investigators are interested in basic developmental biology of the heart and the kidney. Research includes the study of mitochondria in embryonic heart development, mechanisms of cyst development in polycystic kidney disease, and investigation of ion transport in the kidney. Back at the bedside, the Schwartz Formula developed by Dr. Schwartz in the Division of Nephrology is a widely used to calculate glomerular filtration rates in children.