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Pediatrics / Rheumatology Division

Rheumatology Division

With barely 200 Pediatric Rheumatologists in the United States and being the sole academic medical center based Pediatric Rheumatology Program in Western NY, we are strongly committed to training future physicians in the science and practice of pediatric rheumatology and immunology while participating in research as to the causes, treatment and prevention of these disorders. Formal teaching occurs in clinical and basic research conferences and journal clubs, held jointly with the Adult Rheumatology/Immunology Division.

We work in close collaboration with the Upstate New York Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, including participation on the Rochester Scientific Advisory Committee, and Rochester Board. The chapter provides support for our occupational therapist.

The Division is multidisciplinary and provides full inpatient and outpatient diagnostic and therapeutic consultations and long-term outpatient management services for children with suspected immunologic and rheumatologic diseases. By virtue of a close working relationship with Adult Rheumatology, older patients cared for in the pediatric division have access to existing and newer therapies through our Adult Rheumatology Colleagues.