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Pediatrics / Education & Training / Medical Student Educational Programs / Visiting Student Application Process

Visiting Student Application Process

The clinical rotations in Pediatrics are open to visiting students who have completed two years of pre-clinical work and appropriate other prerequisites at an LCME-approved United States medical school, a United States School of Osteopathic Medicine or a Canadian Medical School.

Only students attending an international medical school with which the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry (URSMD) has a formal exchange agreement will be considered for elective experiences. Such students must be in the final year of medical studies and will be allowed to do no more than twelve weeks of elective experiences. International students must direct their application requests to the appropriate people at the home institutions to learn if their school is affiliated with the URSMD. If so, then students must apply through the appropriate home office.

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry students are given first choice of available elective openings. Thus, all visiting medical students are encouraged to select two alternate clinical electives in addition to their desired elective course when submitting an application.

Visiting students must register with the University Health Service and provide documentation of the following:

  • Rubella and rubeola immunization (certificate or positive lab test)
  • Results of a tuberculin test within the past 6 months and any follow-up
  • Proof of hospitalization insurance coverage. If student ambulatory health coverage is not in effect away from the parent institution then ambulatory health coverage must be purchased through the UR SMD University Health Service at a cost of approximately $30/month.

All visiting medical students at the University of Rochester must register through the Registrar's office. All international visiting students should follow the specific instructions outlined on the Registrar's site.