Frank Mitchell
Director, Telemedicine, Media and Technology Services

Steve SanFilippo
Video Network Engineer, Telemedicine

Telemedicine Mission Statement

Telemedicine initiatives at the University balance the threefold objectives of clinical care, distance learning and academic activities that result in development of new distance interaction paradigms.

Telemedicine receives diverse Divisional support in each of its missions: CME office, URFMG, Library, Office of Counsel, Planning and Marketing, Contracts, Informatics, and Information systems. Representatives from each major clinical entity within URMC include members from Strong and Highland Hospitals, School of Medicine and Dentistry and the School of Nursing.

Representatives from Regional Development, Planning and Marketing, Telemedicine, Office of Counsel, and Contracts will assist chairs of departments within the University in establishing new telemedicine relationships.

Definition of Clinical Services

Those services in which clinical professionals are paid to provide patient care.

Definition of Distance Learning

Those activities in which real-time interaction between the teacher and the student is intrinsic to the activity for which payment is made.

Definition of Academic Activities

Research and education activities which enhance the stature of the institution nationally.