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Committee Membership

Committee Members

Augustine, Erika, Assistant Professor of Neurology/Pediatrics

Beck, Lisa, Professor of Dermatology

Bennett, Nana, Director, Center for Community Health

Dozier, Ann, Chief, Division of Social and Behavioral Medicine, Public Health Sciences

Hammes, Stephen, Professor of Medicine, Endocrine/Metabolism

Majewska, Ania, Professor of Neuroscience

Mariani, Tom, Professor of Biomedical Genetics, Environmental Medicine and Pediatrics, (SAC Co-Chair)

Schwarz, Eddie, Director, Center for Musculoskeletal Research

Strawderman, Rob, Chair, Biostatistics & Computational Biology

Topham, Dave, Director, Respiratory Pathogens Research Center; Executive Director, HSCCI (SAC Co-Chair)

Vertino, Paula M., Professor, Biomedical Genetics

Wedekind, Joseph, Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics

Xia, Houhui, Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Physiology

Representatives from Other Schools


Eliav, Eli, Chair, Department of Dentistry

Norton, Sally, Associate Dean for Research, School of Nursing

Ex Officio Members


Bohmann, Dirk, Senior Associate Dean for Basic Research; Professor, Biomedical Genetics

Dewhurst, Steve, Vice Dean for Research

Zand, Martin, Senior Associate Dean, Clinical Research; Director, University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute; Co-Director, University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute; Director, Rochester Center for Health Informatics

Libby, Richard, Senior Associate Dean, Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs