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Strong Ties Community Support

Strong Ties is an off-campus community-based outpatient program for the serious and persistently mentally ill patients focusing on schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses. The program utilizes the McFarland Model and operates from an illness management and recovery philosophy. Treatment strongly emphasizes helping each client set and pursue personal goals and to implement action strategies in their everyday lives. Social Workers teach recovery strategies, provide psychoeducation about mental illness and how to build social supports, focus on reducing relapses and coping with stress, problems and symptoms, as well as getting one's needs met in the system. This is accomplished through a combination of group and individual treatments, as well as medication and case management. Social Workers function as primary therapists and assume the role of coordinating a comprehensive plan for the patient and ensuring treatment goals and objectives are met.

For further assistance, please contact Strong Ties at (585) 279-4900.

Where We're Located

2613 West Henrietta Road
Rochester, NY 14623

Our Social Workers

Strong Ties Clinic

Social Worker    
Pam Geil LCSW-R Social Work Clinical Coordinator
Tammie Raucci LCSW Access Coordinator
Carle Boseman LMSW  
Crystal Caselli LCSW  
Alex Clarke LMSW  
Jeannette Connolly LCSW  
Tiffany Cooper LMSW  
Michelle Gabbard LMSW  
Raquel Martinez-Calleri LCSW  
Matthew Pirro LCSW  
Whitney Read LCSW  
Meghan Garvey MSW  
Paul Wilson LCSW  
Christina Santiago BSW  


Project ACT

Social Worker    
Walter DeRouen LCSW ACT Team Leader
Melissa Mueller-Douglas LMSW  



Social Worker  
Phoebe Dembs LMSW
Shannon McCormick MSW
Jacquie West LCSW
Shannon Holcombe MSW

More Information

Department of Psychiatry (585) 275-8575

Learn more about the Strong Ties Community Support Program.