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Strong Memorial Hospital / Patients & Families

Patients & Families

Patients of Strong Memorial Rochester NYAt Strong Memorial Hospital we recognize there are two types of expertise needed to make the best care available: medical and personal. We are the medical experts, highly skilled in delivering care that represents the most advanced levels of research and medicine. You have personal knowledge; the expertise and experience of knowing your own body and individuality. Together, we create a powerful partnership that nurtures and heals.

We feel that you and your family are vital members of your health care team. Working collaboratively with you and taking the time to listen to your concerns, needs, and ideas enables us to establish a relationship centered on compassionate care and healing. During your stay we will encourage your participation by urging you to ask us questions, use our resources, and speak up about your needs. We’ve provided a number of ways to help you do this and ease the healing process as much as possible.

Use the links listed on the left to understand exactly how you will progress through your care at Strong, giving you an overview of what to expect, how to ensure you get the best care during your stay, and what we will ask of you.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, we recommend you start with these four: Admission Process, What to Bring, What to Expect, and Family Accommodations.