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Your Health Care Team

You and Your Healthcare Team at Strong HospitalWhen you become a patient at Strong Memorial Hospital you and your family enter a partnership with us. You have personal knowledge: the expertise and experience of knowing your own body and individuality. We have the medical expertise: the ability to use education, science and technology to improve your health. Together we become members of same health care team – a team completely focused on your healing and restoring your quality of life through respect and compassionate care.

These are the medical professionals with whom you will interact with on a daily basis. Compassion, dignity and respect for your needs are their guiding principles for the relationship these individuals develop with you and your family.

Attending Physician

Your attending physician has responsibility for all decisions made that affect your care. Based on your diagnosis, your attending physician may be a hospitalist or a specialist such as a cardiologist or surgeon. Your condition, recovery and length of stay all play a role in determining who your attending physician will be. You can learn more about who is responsible for your care during your hospital stay in the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on What to Expect.


A resident is a fully licensed physician who is training to be a specialist. A resident is not an attending physician but will often be an active member of your health care team.

Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant

A nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant (often called a PA) works closely with your attending physician to coordinate your daily care.

Nurse Manager

The nurse manager oversees the unit's daily operations and is an excellent resource if you need assistance during your hospital stay.


During your stay in the hospital, nurses provide 24-hour bedside care and assistance. At any time, for any reason, if you have questions, needs or concerns we encourage you to bring it to your nurse’s attention. They are there to help you and will do everything they can to make you as comfortable as possible.

Patient Care Technician

Traditionally called a nurse’s aide, patient care technicians assist your nurse with your care and will be attentive to your daily needs. With the help of the patient care technician your nurse is able to respond more quickly to all your needs.

Social Worker

As part of the medical team, a social worker’s role is supportive, informational and educational. He/she helps assess your needs, provides counseling and will connect you to helpful community and hospital resources preparing you for discharge.


A registered dietitian helps plan your meals and dietary needs as requested by your attending physician. It’s important to our dietitians that your food choices are met as well. If you have personal, cultural or religious food preferences (e.g. Kosher, vegetarian or lactose-free) please tell your nurse. We will make every effort to provide meals that respect your dietary wishes, but please know that occasionally we may have to make substitutions.


At Strong Memorial Hospital we have many therapists who specialize in various aspects of your recovery. Physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapists are a few examples of those who may be part of your extended health care team.


An interpreter is available to provide interpretation between, patients, providers, and family members within the URMC network. Interpreter Services helps to facilitate language access for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals and people whose primary language is not English.

Home Care Liaison Nurse

Coordinates any home health care needs, like a visiting nurse or special equipment.

Other Team Members

Depending on your condition you may interact with a wide range of individuals who are dedicated to your health care. From radiology to pharmacists to volunteers—every Strong staff member you encounter makes a caring contribution to your hospital experience and recovery. Please note that all hospital staff members must wear a University of Rochester Medical Center identification that includes their name, picture and department.

Your Support Person

We believe that you and your support person(s) are important members of your health care team and hope you take a moment to understand your support person(s) valuable involvement in your care