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Jacob Moalem, M.D.
Jacob Moalem, M.D.

Jacob Moalem, M.D.

Surgery — Oncology — Surgery

Accepting New Patients

Jacob Moalem, M.D.

Surgery — Oncology — Surgery

Accepting New Patients


UR Medicine Surgical Oncology
160 Sawgrass Dr.
Suite 120
Rochester, NY 14620
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Strong Memorial Hospital
601 Elmwood Ave.
Ambulatory Care Facility Third Floor (AC-3)
Rochester, NY 14642
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(585) 275-1611



(585) 273-1252

About Me

As an endocrine surgeon, my elective practice is restricted to the management of patients with benign and cancerous conditions affecting the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands. I strongly believe in multidisciplinary, team-based care for patients whose conditions are complex, and in personalized, efficient care for those whose conditions are less involved. In total, I perform about 350 thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal operations per year.

I chose this field because I was inspired by amazing mentors. The operations can be challenging and demand patience, meticulousness and attention to detail. Patients almost always do great, and are very pleased with their outcomes. The science behind endocrine tumors is fascinating. Success in this field requires close collaboration with endocrinologists, primary care doctors, radiologists, pathologists and many other professionals, all of whom I enjoy working with.

It is a tremendous honor, responsibility, and privilege to be entrusted with the care of others. As such, I strive to ensure that my patients are treated as I would expect to be treated myself – with respect, expertise, candor, and compassion.

Conditions I Treat

- Thyroid cancer
- Parathyroid cancer
- Adrenal cancer
- Thyroid nodules
- Hyperthyroidism
- Graves' disease
- Hyperparathyroidism
- Adrenal nodules
- Pheochromocytoma



MD | Downstate Medical Center — 2001

Post-doctoral Training & Residency:

Internship in General Surgery at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital — 2001 - 2002
Residency in General Surgery at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital — 2002 - 2007
Fellowship in at University of California, San Francisco School of — 2007 - 2008



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