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What Can I Do?

Don't Waste Time on "Why"

Dwelling on what may have caused an eating disorder often diverts parents’ attention from caring for their child and may leave them feeling paralyzed by guilt.  This is problematic because early action taken quickly and decisively leads to the best outcomes in recovery. Pondering the cause of the eating disorder delays taking action and the process of recovery. Parents who allow themselves to temporarily replace seeking the causes of the eating disorder with focusing on the restoration of health are freed from guilt and shame and enabled to confidently help their daughter or son to receive the necessary treatment and support. Although parents did not cause the eating disorder, they are crucial in facilitating the recovery process. 

Take Action Early

You know your child the best. If you believe they are struggling with an eating disorder, your intuition is probably correct. People with eating disorders can be very good at hiding the signs and their symptoms.  If your child has been hiding the symptoms for some time, you may just be noticing a problem that has been occurring for months, if not years.  This is why it is important to act quickly by scheduling an appointment. 

Educate Yourself

We encourage you to explore, in our opinion, one of the most informative and resourceful website on eating disorders The  National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) website.                  

Know the Pitfalls

Learn some common things you should avoid and some strategies you can utilize.

Ask Questions

Having a family member with an eating disorder can result in all sort of feelings – as well as up and downs.  Our program at Golisano Children’s Hospital helps families move through these difficult times with a focus on a positive, healthy future. Never hesitate to ask a question or to seek additional support, guidance or reassurance. Our eating disorders team is here for YOU.