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Center for Food Allergy

Enrolling Now

We are looking for participants in a new research study called “Development of Mucosal and Systemic Immunity and Risk of Food Allergy.” To enroll in the study, contact our research coordinator, at (585) 275-8991.

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The Center for Food Allergy at Golisano Children’s Hospital is a multi-disciplinary program centered on providing comprehensive allergy care to families in the greater Rochester region and beyond. The Center is built on an environment of close collaboration, where multiple subspecialty programs at Strong Memorial Hospital work together to treat allergies to food, such as nuts, cow’s milk, eggs and wheat. In addition to a robust clinical program, the Center for Food Allergy is focused on a growing research portfolio which is committed to the future health of children and adults.

Our team works closely with our patients and their primary care providers to develop individualized treatment plans to manage their food allergies.

Our Approach

We believe a multi-disciplinary approach is best way to provide comprehensive care to people dealing with food allergies. In bringing together specialists in pediatric allergy, pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric pulmonary, nutrition and other areas, the Food Allergy Center can focus on all modes of care for our patients.

What to Expect

Our team conducts thorough patient evaluations – which may include common procedures like skin testing or food challenges – in order to diagnose the nature and severity of an expected allergy. We work closely with our patients and their primary care providers to ensure they are receiving individualized care, including quality nutrition education, personalized management plans, counseling on food or lifestyle changes and more.

FARE® Center of Excellence

The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) is a member of the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) Clinical Network. As a FARE Center of Excellence, URMC will:

  • Serve as a site for major clinical trials for the development of new therapies
  • Develop the best practices of care for patients with food allergies
  • Contribute to the development of a national food allergy patient registry and biorepositories.

URMC Selected to Join National Food Allergy Research Network, September 22, 2017

Member of the FARE Clinical Network

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