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All of our faculty are involved in research in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of allergic diseases, asthma and immunology. 

Types of research include:

Järvinen-Seppo Laboratory

The current focus of the Järvinen-Seppo Laboratory is to characterize the differences in the systemic and mucosal immune function and the microbiome in infants born in farming and urban lifestyle environments, as well as to explore the components present in human milk that may modify the infant's developing immune system and oral tolerance to foods. Utilizing samples from infant cohorts, tissue culture models and state-of-the-art immunologic assays and microbiome analyses, our translational research program aims at better understanding of the mechanisms of allergic sensitization and designing novel strategies for the primary and secondary prevention of atopic diseases in childhood.

Funded by: the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Janssen R&D and Strong Children's Research Center (SCRC).

For more information on our research program and our team members, please visit the Järvinen-Seppo Lab site.


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