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Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Successful early intervention has created a growing population of patients reaching adulthood with complex structural congenital heart disease. As specialists in congenital heart disease, pediatric cardiologists have the expertise to coordinate a multidisciplinary approach in providing high quality patient care to adults with congenital heart disease. This multidisciplinary approach includes the close involvement of the pediatric cardiologist with primary care physicians, adult cardiology, high-risk obstetrics, social work, interventional cardiology and the congenital cardiovascular surgeons. Specific issues arising in adults with congenital heart disease include heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, pregnancy, residual congenital defects, coronary artery disease and complex heart rhythm disorders.

Our ability to maintain normal quality and length of life is continually improving. Our goal is to offer state of the art care throughout the lives of these patients.