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Golisano Children's Hospital / Wegmans Child Life Program / Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I Tell my Child About his Hospitalization?

Depending on the age of your child, they should be given a clear understanding of why they need to go to the hospital. There are a variety of children's books in local libraries that talk about what it is like to go to the hospital. Also, read our hospital stay web pages about preparing your child for a hospital stay.

How do I Prepare my Child for a Medical Procedure?

It is best to speak to the medical team that is doing the procedure to know what to expect and how to tell your child. Some medical procedures allow the parent to be present to comfort their child. Children should be told what they will see, hear, and feel during the procedure and given positive reinforcement throughout. There are many ways children can be comforted for a procedure. Speak to the medical team and child life staff about ideas in how to comfort your child. Also, read about helping your child during a medical procedure.

Can all Children Play?

Yes. Child Life provides play opportunities for children of all ages and abilities either in the organized programming or at the bedside. A volunteer or a staff person can bring your child to the playroom during supervised programs. The playroom is designed as a safe haven, therefore no medical treatments or medicines may be administered there. Adolescents on 4-1400 are allowed to go to the recreation room without an escort unless medically necessary.

May we Bring Toys from Home to the Hospital?

Absolutely. Items brought from home often help comfort children. Be sure that they are clearly labeled with your name, as it is easy for things to get mixed up here. All of our items in the playrooms and recreation rooms can be borrowed.

May my Brothers/Sisters Visit in the Activity Rooms?

Yes! We encourage siblings to come in and play with their brother or sister. They must, however, be healthy and accompanied by an adult.

Can Friends Visit me in the Hospital?

Friends are generally encouraged to visit you in your room. Friends 16 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult. If you have a group of friends or classmates who would like to visit, discuss it with your child life specialist so a meeting area can be arranged. Classmates and friends are also welcome to send cards, make banners, and write letters.