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Pediatric Inpatient Program

Child Life Specialists are in each pediatric patient care area providing play and age appropriate understanding about the child's hospital experience. They offer daily activity programs that promote optimal development.

Pediatric Outpatient Program

Housed in the Pediatric Ambulatory Treatment Center (AC-6), this Wegmans Child Life Program is designed for children and teens that require same day medical treatment. The Child Life Specialist supports the needs of the children and families through procedural support, medical teaching for children, and therapeutic play opportunities. There is a playroom designed specifically for this program that offers many activities for children.

Pediatric Emergency Child Life Program

A child life specialist is on hand five nights a week in the Emergency Department servicing the trauma and urgent care pediatric patients and their families. They provide procedural support and age-appropriate explanation of the medical care to the child. They serve a valuable role in comforting the child and supporting the family care needs. They help prepare pediatric patients for upcoming medical procedures and help guide the family through their experience.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Child Life Program

This NICU Program strives to promote the developmental needs of infants. The Child Life Specialist provides parents with support and education in caring for the developmental concerns and environmental issues in meeting their baby's needs.

Pediatric Surgical Program

A Child Life Specialist provides preparation and support to the children who are having surgery. They help them to understand what will be happening and how they can cope with the experience.

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