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Schooling at Golisano Children’s Hospital

Golisano Children’s Hospital recognizes that schooling for children is an essential part of their everyday life. The hospital school program provides normalcy and an opportunity to continue their education even while they are hospitalized. It is our goal to help facilitate academic support for students who will need tutoring while they are hospitalized.

School RoomThere is a dedicated School Room to ensure students are given the space and tools they need to learn. The hospital school program is supported by the Monroe County BOCES 1 Tutoring Program. The student’s home district must approve educational services before schooling can begin. Schooling is provided to those patients who have an extended hospital stay; who may have special educational needs; or who have chronic illnesses that require frequent hospitalizations.

Parents can assist in the success of their child’s schooling by notifying the child’s teacher or school nurse about the hospitalization. We encourage parents to bring their child’s school books and assignments to the hospital.