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Going to the Hospital to Have Surgery

  • Ambulance outside of the hospital

    I have to go to the hospital to have an operation. This may be scary, but I will be brave.

  • Two people waiting

    When I arrive, I will wait in the waiting room. I will wait here until it is my turn.

    If I am scared, I can sing a song or ask for my favorite toy. This will help me be brave while I am waiting.

  • Hospital bed

    Next, I will go to the pre-anesthesia area. I will have my own bed.

  • Thermometer

    The nurse will come to check my temperature and take other measurements.

  • Bracelet on a person's wrist

    I will wear hospital pajamas. I will wear a hospital bracelet on my wrist. Everyone is proud to see how brave I am!

  • Doctor standing

    The doctors will come into my room. They will talk with my parents.

  • Television

    I can do activities in my room! I can play with toys or watch television while I am waiting.

    Soon, I will ride in a bed to get to the operating room. I will stay in my bed.

  • Person smiling

    When I am done, I will wake up and go to the recovery room.

    When the doctor says it's okay, I will go home. Everyone will be so happy and proud of me!

  • UR Medicine/Golisano Children's Hospital Lockup

    This social story is brought to you by Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Golisano Childrens Hospital.

    Sandy Strong and four of her friends

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