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Golisano Children's Hospital / Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Pediatric Infectious Diseases

The Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Golisano Children’s Hospital is a leading site for the care of children with infections, and a nationally recognized center for the study of infections in children. We care for children within Rochester and the surrounding 17-county Western New York region.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide prompt diagnosis and comprehensive therapy of bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic infections in children
  • Perform leading research into the causes, diagnosis, and therapy of pediatric infections with special emphasis on infections in the immunocomprised host
  • Train tomorrow’s leaders in pediatric infectious diseases practice
  • Provide evaluation and treatment of children with known or suspected immune deficiency disorders, including HIV


We are affiliated with IMPAACT (International Maternal, Pediatric and Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials), the international collaborative clinical trials group for children with AIDS.