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Antibiotic Stewardship

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We want to provide the best care to you and your child while he/she is in the hospital. Antibiotics are important to treat infections caused by bacteria, but they also have side-effects and, if used incorrectly, may lead to infections that are more difficult to treat. Antibiotic stewardship efforts at GCH are focused on “choosing wisely”, which means using antibiotics when they are necessary, and avoiding them or stopping them when no longer needed.

Antibiograms (Antibiotic Susceptibility Profile)

With the help of experts in the laboratory and infectious disease, special charts known as antibiograms are developed each year to help physicians and other providers make the best decisions when treating infection caused by bacteria. These antibiograms are unique to each area or unit of the hospital, owing to the unique needs of infants and children cared for throughout GCH.

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Know the Facts About Antibiotic Use

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