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When to Call Us

For Medical Providers

When to call usWhen should a medical team consider a pediatric palliative care consultation?

  • For pain (or other symptoms) that don’t respond to simple measures
  • For support of a child and family with an anticipated difficult course (e.g., a newly diagnosed child with cancer, an extremely premature infant, an infant with a serious cardiac abnormality)
  • For discussion with a child, family and medical team what the goals, priorities and values of the family are and what medical interventions can help to meet those goals
  • When a fresh perspective is needed by family and/or staff
  • For the difficult transition from curative to purely comfort care
  • To support staff in dealing with challenging patients and families

For Families

When should a family consider asking for a pediatric palliative care consultation?

  • When your child is having pain or other symptoms for which current approaches are not working
  • If your child has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition and you would like an additional layer of support to help with symptoms, communication and navigating the health care system
  • When there are hard decisions to make and you are just not sure what to do (for example, a new medication, putting in a feeding tube, doing a tracheostomy)
  • For help understanding the medical situation and making sure you are getting the same message about what’s going on from everyone who takes care of you
  • If you would just like an extra shoulder to lean on