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Pediatric Asthma Care

Children with asthma represent the majority of patients treated by the Division of Pediatric Pulmonology. Children are usually referred to our practice by their pediatrician for evaluation and/or management of asthma, or receive a secondary consultation prior to being hospitalized for an asthma exacerbation (or asthma "attack"). We often treat children with asthma symptoms that persist despite the usual therapies.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive care for the full continuum of ways asthma can present itself and effect the lives of children—from infancy to adolescence, and from episodic to severe.

Asthma Care Services

  • Diagnostic testing:
    • Pulmonary (lung) function tests
    • Evaluating the child for other conditions that may contribute to worsening or persistent symptoms
    • Exercise challenge tests
  • Educating patients and families in management of asthma symptoms, both at home and at school. We encourage all patients with asthma to update their Asthma Action Plan with their primary care providers at each visit and bring their asthma medication to their visits.
  • Administration of Xolair: We are an approved site for the administration of Xolair, a new injectable medication for individuals who have significant allergic asthma symptoms and who meet specific criteria.