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If you need heath insurance for your child, there are a few options. A financial counselor will assist you in applying for medical insurance to cover your child’s treatment.

  • Child Health Plus—This is available to low-income families. To apply, call 1(800) 650-4359.
  • Medicaid—Medicaid is available to families with little or no income. You may be eligible to apply for Medicaid as a second insurance. Medicaid will help cover your child’s prescriptions and other expenses that may not be covered by your primary insurance. Please speak to your social worker to determine the best way to apply.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)—SSI is available to children and adults who are diagnosed with a chronic illness making daily routines difficult. Children may qualify if they are forced to miss a lot of school or are unable to assist in their daily care. Your social worker financial counselor can help you determine if you are eligible. To apply, call 1(800) 772-1213.
  • Monroe County Early Intervention System—This program entitles children from birth to three years old with delay or disability to early intervention services tailored to the individual child’s needs. To learn more, call (585) 530-KIDS.

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Prescription Assistance

If you do not have Medicaid and need to apply, you can do so by going to:

Emergency Services
111 Westfall Rd
Barb Healy (585) 292-8739
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • You must bring proof of identity and proof of income to apply.
  • All prescriptions must have been written within two days of application.
  • Only prescriptions for antibiotics, chronic or life threatening illnesses will be considered. This does not include topical ointments.

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Parenting Information and Family Resource Centers

  • The Family Place
    426 Lyell Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14606
    (585) 458-4100
  • Southwest Family Resource Center
    Bishop Kearney Building, 2nd Floor
    89 Genesee Street
    Rochester, NY 14611
  • Calvary St. Andrews
    68 Ashland Street
    Rochester, NY 14620
    (585) 232-1176
  • Healthy Start Center
    819 West Main Street
    Rochester, NY 14611
    (585) 436-7827

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Clothing/Household Items

  • Asbury Storehouse
    1050 East Avenue
    Rochester, NY
    (585) 473-0950
  • Baden Street Settlement
    13 Vienna Street
    Rochester, NY
    (585) 325-4910 x139
  • Bethany House
    169 St Bridgets Drive
  • Cameron Ministries
    48 Cameron Street
    (585) 254-7822
  • Guardian Angels Church
    2061 E. Henrietta Road
    (585) 321-0236
  • Salvation Army
    Main Store (585) 235-2769
    Greece (585) 720-1610
    E. Ridge Road (585) 336-9944
  • Volunteers of America
    214 Lake Avenue
    (585) 647-1150

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Unemployment/Job Assistance

  • RochesterWorks!
    255 North Goodman St.
    Rochester, NY 14607
    (585) 258-3500

    Assists with finding resources that will lead to employment.

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Emergency Housing

For emergency housing or cash assistance, contact the Monroe County Department of Social Services at (585) 274-6000.

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Overnight Accommodations

If you are in need of overnight accommodations while your child is receiving inpatient care or outpatient treatment at Golisano Children's Hospital, inform your child's nurse or social worker. He or she can help you access any of the following accommodations:

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Critical Resources

Critical resources may be available through your pediatric social worker. These resources include parking passes, food vouchers, accommodations, and transportation. If you have these or other needs, please discuss this with your pediatric social worker.

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