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SCORE meetings occur on the third Wednesday of every month at 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. ​You can find event materials from past years' presentations at the bottom of this page.

2024 Presentations





06/04/24 SCORE Annual Seminar   Theme: Engaging and Caring for Older Adult Research Subjects

A Panel of Coordinators Will Discuss: “Hear From Your Colleagues:Managing Studies When Short-Staffed”

Krista French, Manager, Clinical Research, Cancer Center

Lauren Mitchell, Lead Clinical Research Specialist, Geri Onc M&D
Ashley Owens, Assistant Director, Research Operations 

May Presentation Video

Hand-Off Checklist Contact Krista French for the Excel file

May Opening Slides

May 2024 Flyer

04/17/24 Office of Clinical Research (OCR)

Ashlee Lang, MPH, Director, Office of Clinical Research

Study Start Up Manual

April Meeting Video

April Presentation Slides

April Opening Slides

April 2024 Flyer


GeriOnc Data Control Project

Lauren N. Mitchell, Sr. Project Manager, Geriatric Oncology Research Group, Wilmot Cancer Institute

February 2024 Presentation Video

Data-Control Presentation Slides




 Remixing It: Generational Differences Across the Workforce

Caitlin L. Smith, Ed D, M Ed,  Learning Program Manager, Nursing Practice,Well-U Champion,URMC Learning & Development

Remixing It Presentation Video


Educator Professional Development Series: StorytellingManaging a Multigenerational Team Playlist (search for PLmultigen); Gen Z: A Manager’s Guide to Digital Natives Playlist (search for PLgenz)
Crucial Conversations Class
Additional Staff Training Opportunities from Learning & Development

January Opening Slides

2023 Presentations





12/20/23 REDCap Advanced Amanda Davin, Lead Software Developer, Office of Research IT

December Meeting Video: REDCap Advanced


Zoom Link: 
Meeting Link: 995 3645 1390
Passcode: 053854

December Flyer

11/15/23 REDCap Basics
General Overview with Best Practices
Amanda Davin, Lead Software Developer, Office of Research IT

Study Guide

REDCap Presentation

Opening Slides


10/18/23 HIPAA Considerations for Research Coordinators Kathleen Tranelli, Research Privacy Officer

Meeting Video

Presentation Slides

Opening Slides

October Flyer

09/20/23 General Discussion

General Discussion
Bring you questions, concerns, etc. to discuss with other SCORE members or submit them before the meeting to

We will have facilitators that will assist with the conversation.

September Video

Opening Slides



Carrie Dykes, PhD, Director of Research

Services, CTSI

Cliff Browning, VP Sales and Business Development, Meeting Video

Highenroll-Presentation Slides

August Opening-Slides


07/19/23 The Present and Future of Carrie Dykes, PhD, Director of Research Services, CTSI Meeting Video

Presentation Slides



06/12/23 Annual Seminar

Edith Williams, PhD, MS, Founding Director, Office of Health Equity Research, "Health Equity Research: Progress and Directions Forward"
Introduction from John Cullen, PhD, Professor of Clinical & Director of Diversity and Inclusion, CTSI

Karen M. Wilson, MD, MPH, Strategic Director, Research Services Branch, Clinical and Translational Science Institute, “Time Management: Practical Tools for Busy Research Coordinators”

Jamie Biear, Regulatory Specialist II, RSRB, “OHSP Policy and Process for Multi-Site Studies” and Tyler Cavin, Clinical Trials Manager, Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology, “My Experience with Navigating the OHSP Process"

 Eric Vaughn, M.Ed., Director of Career Services/myHub, “Sharing Your Academic & Career Story: Writing Your CV”



SCORE Seminar Video



OHSP SCORE-Presentation



CV Example 2

CV Example




Demo of Study Pages - Seeking feedback from coordinators on a web-based tool to share study information and manage volunteers

Carrie Dykes, PhD, Director of Research Services, CTSI
Koen De Lombaert, MD MBA, Co-Founder Study Pages
Eron Villarreal, Co-Founder, Study Pages

Video May

May Slides

Announcement Slides



“Undergraduate Research at the University of Rochester”

Sina Ghaemmaghami, Mercer Brugler Professor of Biology, Director of Undergraduate Research

Meeting Video

April Meeting Slides



A Panel of New & Experienced Study Coordinators will discuss: “What I wish I knew then what I know now”

Chris Annis – Facilitator, Neurology - Senior Health Project Coordinator
Kevin McCaffery – Ortho, Clinical Research, HSRC I
Emily Prentiss – Neurology-Stroke Division, HSRC II
Beth Wood – Neurology - HSRC II

Meeting Video Full Version without Captions

Meeting Video Short Version with Captions



March Flyer


Accessing the EDRA Program to Facilitate Research Enrollment – it’s not just for Emergencies!

Office of Clinical Research Feasibility Assessment Services & Clinical Research Opportunities

Nancy Wood, Faculty Director, Emergency Medicine Research Associate (EDRA) Program

Nicole Mason, MS, CIP, Director, Office of Clinical Research and Callie Banker, OCR Senior Feasibility and Metrics Coordinator

SCORE Feb Mtg Video

OCR-Feasibility Slides
EDRA Slides


URMC Central Labs Internal Research Studies

Erin Marner, M.D., Medical Director


Central Labs Presentation Video

URMC-Central-Labs-Internal-Research-Studies Slides




2022 Presentations

Date Topic Presenter(s) Materials

Enhancing Drug Accountability and Medication Safety for Research Subjects

Kyle Richards, PharmD, BCPPS

Enhancing Drug Accountability Video


Dec 2022-Flyer

11/16/22 New & Improved Coordinator Training Program Carrie Dykes, Ph.D., Director, Research Services, CTSI

2023 Coordinator Program Schedule and Instruction Calendar

Coordinator Program Meeting Video


SCORE Nov 2022 Announcement-Slides

November 2022 Flyer

10/19/22 DocuSign   CANCELED Steven Wormsley, Ph.D., Senior Associate of Research Informatics  October 2022 Flyer
09/21/22 Unconscious Bias and the Impact on Our Research Environment

John Cullen, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical & Director of Diversity and Inclusion, CTSI, Associate Director, Susan B. Anthony Center

Unconscious Bias Meeting Video


Stroop Color Test

Take the Implicit Association Test

Unconscious Bias Slides

2019 Human Values in Health Care Annual Lecture

September 2022 Flyer

08/17/22 Project Management 101 for Clinical Trials

Melissa Kostrzebski, Associate Director, Clinical Trials Coordination Center (CTCC), CHeT
Renee Wilson, Director of Project Management, CTCC, CHeT


Clinical Trials 101 Meeting Video

Project-Management-101 for Clinical Trials


August 2022 Flyer


Annual Seminar Day 2
Coping with Work and Family Stress
“Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Lifestyles”

EAP Counselor, Kristen Boggs, Ed.M., CASAC

Laura Sugarwala, MBA, RD, Director of Community Health Partnerships, Center for Community Health & Prevention

Patricia Luck Keynote Video


Annual Seminar Day 2 EAP Video

Coping with Work Family Stress Slides

Day 2 Video Healthy Eating Tips


06/07/22 Annual Seminar Day 1
Thriving Through Overwhelm - A Mindfulness Approach”

Rethinking Work Life Balance”  

Patricia Lück, MBChB(MD), MPhil PallMed, MSc MedHum, Assistant
Professor Clinical Medical Humanities, Department of Health Humanities and Bioethics, URSMD
EAP Counselor, Pamela Spallacci, LMFT, MSEd

Seminar 2022 Day 1 Video

Agenda for SCORE - Annual Seminar June 2022

05/18/22 Guiding Principles for Social Media Recruitment and Overview of Dynamic Facebook Ads Cody Gardner, MBA, Research Engagement Specialist

SCORE May 2022 - Closed Captions

Facebook Recruitment Video

Facebook Recruitment Slides

May 2022 Mtg Flyer

04/20/22 Radiology and Research

Laurie Christensen, Clinical Trials Coordinator

Erica Longbine, R.T.(R)(ARRT), CPC, Clinical Trials Coordinator

Imaging Sciences


Radiation and Research Video


Radiology and Research PowerPoint

April 2022 Mtg. Flyer

03/16/22 What You Should Know About Mentoring

Camille Martina, MS, PhD

Department of Public Health Sciences and Environmental Medicine

Mentor Video Presentation

General Individual Development Plan

Mentor Presentation

Mar 2022 Mtg Flyer


SOCRA Certification and Membership

ARCP Certification: Accelerate Your Career

Kathi Durdon, Executive Director, CNY Biotech Accelerator, SUNY Upstate Medical University, NYS SOCRA Chapter Chair

Noreen Connolly, MS, JD, CCRC, Senior Health Project Coordinator, Epilepsy Research Office, President and Chair of the Board of Directors, Western New York Chapter ACRP

Feb 2022 Presentation Video

ACRP Presentation

SOCRA Certification and Membership

Feb 2022 Mtg Flyer


Office of Clinical Research (OCR) Overview & Update

OCR Feasibility Process

Nicole Mason, MS, CIP, Director, Office of Clinical Research

Seyhan Sagcan, MPH
Feasibility Analyst, OCR

Jan 2022 OCR Presentation Video

SCORE_OCR Presentation Slides

Jan 2022 Mtg. Flyer

2021 Presentations





12/15/2021 Update and Preliminary Results of the Empowering the Participant Voice (EPV) Project and Open Discussion

Carrie Dykes, Ph.D., CTSI, Director of Research Services

SCORE Dec 2021 Video Presentation

CTSI Participant Flyer English

CTSI Participant Flyer Spanish

Empowering the Participant Voice Survey Slides

Dec 2021 Mtg. Flyer

11/17/2021 Life Hacks for Completing the Research Electronic Data Security Assessment Form Right the First Time

Data Use Agreements 101
Noreen Connolly, MS, JD, CCRC
Senior Health Project Coordinator, UR Epilepsy Center

Amy Crosby, M.L.S., Agreements Administrator
Anthony Beckman, Associate Director, ORPA

November 2021 SCORE Presentation Video

Life Hacks for the IT Data Security Form Slides

Electronic Data Security Assessment Form w/comments

Data Use Agreements Slides

November 2021 Mtg. Flyer

10/20/2021 Coordinator Pool and Training Program

Carrie Dykes, Ph.D., CTSI, Director of Research Services
JoAnne VanBuskirk, CTSI Senior Clinical Research Workforce Program Manager

October 2021 SCORE Video 

CTSI Overview of Coordinator Trainee Program

DRAFT Modules for CTSI Clinical Trial Coordinator Training

REVISED ACRP CRC Leveled Competencies Coordinator Pool-16JAN2020-1

Oct 2021 Mtg. Flyer

09/15/2021 CLIC Website & Career Development Community Megan Petty, CLIC Education Engagement Specialist

Video September 2021 CLIC Website Overview

SCORE Slides September 2021

Sept 2021 Mtg. Flyer


How the Embark Project Can Help Coordinators

Lauren Allen, M.B.A., Associate Director for Operations and Finance 
Heidi Iturbides, OCR Finance Coordinator
Steven Wormsley, PhD, Director Research and Academic Information Technology

Video August 2021 Embark Presentation

August 2021 Slide Presentation

August 2021 Mtg. Flyer

06/02/2021 Annual Seminar Day 2

Efforts to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Clinical Trials,” Angela Branche, M.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine & Dentistry

Panel: Community Involvement in Research”


  • Jackie Dozier, Program Manager, Community Health & Well-being, Common Ground Health
  • Mona Isler, Executive Office Administrator & Board Liaison, WXXI; Board Secretary, Interdenominational Health Ministry Coalition
  • Julio Sáenz, M.S., Chief Communications & Development Officer, Ibero American Action League, Inc.

Facilitator: John Cullen, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical & Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Clinical & Translational Science Institute, URMC; Acting Director, Susan B. Anthony Center, University of Rochester

Diversity in Clinical Trials

Video Seminar Day 2

See Video for the Panel Discussion - Begins at 1:04:20

06/01/2021 Annual Seminar Day 1

Opening Remarks from Adrienne Morgan, Ph.D. Associate Vice President of Equity and Inclusion; Senior Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion; Assistant Professor, Medical Humanities and Bioethics, URMC

Capstone Project: Comparing Methods Used to Translate Consent Forms for Limited English Proficient Spanish Participants,”
Stacy Paulino, M.S., 2020 URMC Graduate, Medical Humanities

"Enhancing Cancer Disparities Tailored to Latinos and Rural Communities," Paula Cupertino, Ph.D., Professor of Public Health Sciences and Oncology; Wilmot Cancer Institute’s Associate Director of Community Outreach, Engagement and Disparities

Agenda for SCORE Annual Seminar-June 2021

Video: Adrienne Morgan Opening Remarks

Video Seminar Day 1

Capstone Presentation Slides 

Community Outreach Engagement and Disparities Slides

05/29/2021 Research Resource: Explore the Clinical Research Center Ann Miller, R.N., M.S., Nurse Manager
Susanne Heininger, B.S., R.N., B.S.N., Sr. Human Subject Research Coordinator

May 2021 Presentation Clinical Research Center

CRC Slides

May 2021 Mtg Flyer

04/21/2021 REDCap e-Consent Refresher Session Research & Academic IT Team: Sampson Abiola, Amanda Davin, Kimberly Kaukeinen

Presentation Video: REDCap e-Consent Refresher

REDCAP e-Consent Refresher Slides

April 2021 Mtg Flyer

03/17/2021 De-escalation: A Closer Look Cynthia A. Coates, Captain, UR Department of Public Safety

Deescalation Presentation Video

Deescalation Slides-031721

Ensuring a Respectful and Inclusive Environment

Announcement Slides-March 2021

March 2021 Mtg Flyer


New Recruitment Service: MyChart for Recruitment

Carrie Dykes, Ph.D., Director of Research Services, CTSI
Rachel M. Aleese, M.S., eRecord Research/eRecord Ambulatory Analyst, Information Systems Division

01/20/2021 Research Study, Personal Safety During Home Visits Cynthia A. Coates, Captain, UR Department of Public Safety

Past Years' Presentations

Below are SCORE presentations from previous academic years. For event materials, please contact SCORE.

Date Topic Presenter(s) Materials
12/16/2020 Implementation of an Enterprise-Wide Research Subject Satisfaction Survey
Carrie Dykes, Ph.D., Director of Research Services
Limitation on Use of Care Everywhere and RHIO in Research

Kathleen Tranelli, Privacy Officer for Research

Virtual Research: Considerations for Site Implementation

Elizabeth Baloga, MPH, CCRP, Senior Project Manager
Sidney Duquette, Project Manager
Stella Jensen-Roberts, Clinical Research Associate

9/16/2020 Racism, Unconscious Bias and Creating an Inclusive Environment John P Cullen, Ph.D., professor of Clinical & director of Diversity and Inclusion, Clinical & Translational Science Institute; acting director, UR Susan B. Anthony Center
Digital Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
Michael Hassleberg, M.S., Ph.D., American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Board-Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Health Practice Research, an associate professor of Psychiatry; senior director of Digital Health
6/17/2020 eConsent Using REDCap Sampson Abiola, Analyst/Programmer, SMD Academic IT
5/20/2020 Asynchronous and Synchronous Teledentistry Modalities and Pediatric Dental Home Dorota T. Kopycka-Kedzierawski DDS, MPH Professor of Dentistry and Center for Oral Biology Eastman Institute for Oral Health and Sean McLaren, DDS, MS Chair Pediatric Dentistry Associate Professor of Dentistry and Pediatrics

"Results from the Community Survey on Clinical Research”

Carrie Dykes, Ph.D, Director of Research Services
Cody Gardner, M.B.A., Research Engagement Specialist

"Interactive Health Literacy"

Janice Schrack, BSN, RN, CCRC Assistant Quality Officer


"Effective & Efficient Data Collection with REDCap"

REDCap Admin Team:
 Amanda Davin, Sampson Abiola, Kim Kaukeinen 


"TriNetX for Cohort Discovery and Feasibility"            
"Expanded Access" 

David Pinto, BS, RN, Clinical Research Informaticist, CTSI Informatics
Joan Adamo,Ph.D., Director, Office of Regulatory Support        

Date Topic Presenter(s) Materials
12/18/2019 "Investigational Products: IP Management and Accountability"

Kyle W. Richards, PharmD, BCPPS, Manager of the Investigational Drug Service, Department of Pharmacy

Stephen A. Bean, PharmD, Clinical Research Pharmacist, Investigational Drug Service, Department of Pharmacy

11/12/2019 "Everything You Want to Know About Research Coordinator Certification" Kathi Durdon, MA, CCRP, Executive Director at Central New York Biotech
Accelerator, Upstate University, Syracuse, NY, SOCRA Representative

Noreen Connolly, MS, JD, CCRC, UR Strong Epilepsy Center, President, ACRP Western NY Chapter

Kelly Unsworth, MS, CIP, CCRP, Director, Research Education & Training, UR Office for Human Subject Protection
10/16/2019 "Best Practices for Being Prepared for an FDA Inspection" Karen Kosar, CAPTAIN, US Public Health Service Investigator, FDA

Joanne Schlossin, FDA Consumer Safety Officer
9/18/2019 "Mentoring 101: What do you want? What do you need?"
Brittany Greco, CCRA, Office of Clinical Research

Seyhan Sagcan, MPH
8/21/2019 "Share the Goods!" Best Practices in Study Team Member Onboarding Kelly Unsworth, MS, CIP, CCRP, Director, Research Education & Training, Office for Human Subject Protection

Brittany Greco, CCRA, Office of Clinical Research
7/17/2019 Embark Demo - See Our New Clinical Research Management Tool Patricia Ames, Ph.D., CCRC, Director, Office of Clinical Research
6/4/2019 SCORE Half-Day Seminar: Recruitment and Retention Alistair Glidden, Clinical Research Coord., CHeT

Carrie Dykes, Ph.D., UR CTSI Director of Research Services

Beau Abar, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine

Nancy Wood, M.S., Emergency Medicine

Corey Nichols-Hadeed, J.D., Associate, Psychiatry M&D Research

Iwona Juskiewicz, Health Project Coordinator, Psychiatry M&D Research; Jenna Stewardson, HSRC, National Center for Deaf Health Research
5/15/2019 The Revised Common Rule: Changes Concerning Consent

SCORE Needs Assessment Survey
Kelly Unsworth, MS, CIP, CCRP, Director, Research Education & Training, Office for Human Subject Protection

Brittany Greco, CCRA, Office of Clinical Research