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Balance Training

What is Balance Training?

Problems with maintaining balance can make everyday life difficult and also dangerous. A loss of balance increases the risk of falling, so training is an important step to take.

UR Medicine's Approach

We provide comprehensive, individualized assessments to determine the cause or causes of balance problems.

Treatment consists of strengthening key muscle groups and improving balance reactions through visual, sensory, and vestibular information.

Balance conditions we treat include:

What Sets Us Apart?

Our physical therapists work in a wide range of areas, including inpatient care, inpatient orthopaedics, outpatient rehabilitation, and pediatrics. We also offer a variety of specialized programs designed to address a multitude of diagnoses.

We can also help you manage possible pitfalls in your living environment, such as steps or curbs, uneven surfaces, challenging outdoor terrain, or dim lighting conditions.


We serve you in the Rochester metropolitan area and surrounding region.

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - Brighton

Clinton Crossings, Building D
4901 Lac De Ville Boulevard, Building D
Rochester, NY 14618

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - Brighton

Clinton Crossings, Building H
2400 South Clinton Avenue, Suite 130
Rochester, NY 14618

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