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What is Immunodeficiency?

Your immune system is designed to fight infections. In rare cases, a person can be born with part of their immune system not working properly, making them prone to certain types of infections.

One type of immunodeficiency, called primary immunodeficiency, is typically genetic, meaning it is inherited from one or both parents. It can result in a variety of immune system disorders that can be present from birth or develop later in life.

UR Medicine's Treatments for Immunodeficiency

UR Medicine allergists/immunologists will evaluate and manage your condition with a treatment program especially for you. Our team will perform a comprehensive evaluation, including a review of your medical history and a physical exam. We’ll recommend the tests needed to determine which parts of your immune system are affected.

Because the immune system is so important in fighting infections, your immunologist will guide you toward medications and lifestyle changes that strengthen your immune system and help avoid infections.

What Sets Us Apart?

Access to the Latest Research and Treatments

Our physician scientists are actively studying the processes in the body that lead to immunodeficiency. This kind of research is important for developing improved therapies for immunodeficiency.

Education and Training of Experts
We train the next generation of doctors to be experts in diagnosing and treating immune deficiency.


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