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Robotic Laparoscopic Prostatectomy

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What is Robotic Laparoscopic Prostatectomy?

Prostatectomy is surgery to remove the prostate and seminal vesicles to control prostate cancer. Laparoscopic prostatectomy uses the techniques and tools of minimally invasive surgery.

Video: Overview of the UR Medicine Center for Robotic Surgery and Innovation and benefits of minimally invasive robotic prostatectomy
Video: Video demonstration of minimally-invasive surgery using latest technologies to remove prostate and seminal vesicles to control prostate cancer

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UR Medicine's Approach

Robotic laparoscopic prostatectomy has been shown to be as effective in removing cancer as traditional surgery.

The operation can take three to five hours, which is longer than traditional surgery. But it can offer many benefits, such as fewer complications, less blood loss, less pain after surgery, shorter hospital stays, and a shorter recovery time (usually a few days compared to four to six weeks after traditional surgery).

Pre-Operative Information

You will be scheduled to have Pre-Admission Testing (PRAT) at Strong Memorial Hospital. Shortly after we have scheduled your surgery, you will receive a call from us to arrange a date for this testing.

Your PRAT visit will take from 2-3 hours. A nurse practitioner will complete a history and physical for you. At this time, you will have any testing that was requested by our providers, which may include blood work, chest X-ray, EKG or other tests.

You may also meet with staff from anesthesiology if this has been requested by your doctor or if the nurse practitioner feels it is necessary.

Post-Operative Information

Your post-operative information depends on your particular surgery or diagnosis. Your doctor and nurses will review this with you in person.

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Patient Stories

Prostatectomy with Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer doesn't just affect men, it affects their loved ones too. Mark Collins was only 54 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He didn't have many symptoms and only realized something was wrong after his yearly physical with his doctor. Mark and his wife Yolanda share their experience after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and how he made the decision to have robotic surgery.

What Sets Us Apart?

UR Medicine Urology provides the area's most advanced urologic care:

  • Many of our doctors are fellowship trained, the highest level of education available.
  • We use the most advanced technology to perform procedures, such as minimally invasive robotic prostate surgery. We’re a national pioneer in minimally invasive surgery, which speeds recovery, reduces post-surgery pain, and decreases the risks of complications.
  • We’re one of only a few academic medical centers offering high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), using sound waves that can target deep inside the body.
  • We use the latest da Vinci Surgical System, with high-definition 3D imaging to enhance the surgeon's vision during procedures.
  • We participate in the most current research in urology, so we can make informed decisions based on the latest knowledge in the field.
  • More patients turn to us for second opinions on urologic disease and conditions than any other resource in the region.


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