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Complete tattoo removal is not always possible. Different lasers or settings are needed to remove different colors. Laser removal of tattoos breaks up the color without damaging normal skin. The body then absorbs the pieces of pigment without leaving a scar, unlike previous tattoo removal methods. You will need multiple treatments and time between treatments for healing.

Even after several treatments, you may still be left with obvious traces of your tattoo. A medical approach, like the one at UR Medicine, can be far more effective.

Many things help determine if laser surgery will be successful at removing a tattoo. These include:

  • The person’s age and skin type
  • The type of tattoo
  • The tattoo’s age, color, size, and depth
  • Whether or not the tattoo was done by a professional

UR Medicine's Approach

As medical experts, we can offer safe and effective options. Most tattoo removal services are only partly effective. After several treatments, you may still be left with clear traces of your tattoo.

That is why UR Medicine offers a different approach: the area's first and only Picosecond Aesthetic Laser.

The Picosecond Aesthetic Laser we use provides bursts of energy one trillion times per second, shattering ink into tiny particles that are easier for your body to eliminate.

The benefits if this procedure at UR Medicine include:

  • More complete removal of tattoos—even dark green and blue inks
  • Fewer treatments than most other methods
  • Effectiveness on tattoos you might have tried to remove before
  • Treatments by a board-certified plastic surgeon

We also use the Enlighten™ Laser, which uses similar technology but can cover different wavelengths, which can help with a wider range of colors.

What Sets Us Apart?

UR Medicine is the first and only provider in the area to offer Picosecond Aesthetic Laser tattoo removal.

With any medical procedure, it’s crucial to choose a highly trained and experienced provider. Being board certified and fellowship trained, our physicians have received the highest level of training available.


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