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Vascular Surgery

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Our vascular surgeons provide complete care for patients with all stages and types of peripheral circulatory disease, from diagnosis and treatment to medical management of disease.

We specialize in open, hybrid, and minimally invasive endovascular procedures to diagnosis and treat aneurysms, blocked arteries, blood clots, varicose veins, as well as compromised blood flow to the brain, intestines, and kidneys.

Treatments for vascular disease depend on the type, location, and severity of the condition.

UR Medicine's Approach

We work with patients to explain the benefits and risks of each treatment option, coordinating consultations with specialists including cardiac surgery, nephrology and cardiology.

This multidisciplinary approach provides a seamless experience for patients and their families while tailoring care to each patient.

Our advanced, accredited, vascular laboratory enables us to perform noninvasive evaluations and diagnoses of the veins and arteries in your arms, legs, head, or stomach.

These tests, which are critical to an accurate diagnosis, include:

  • Doppler Testing, using sound waves to allow us to see any plaque, lesions, narrowing, clots, or obstructions.
  • Duplex/Doppler Ultrasound Test to examine the blood flow in the major arteries and veins in the arms and legs.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our experienced team of specialists uses open, hybrid, and minimally invasive techniques whenever possible to repair blood vessels and restore circulation. We have helped to pioneer many of the techniques now considered standards of care for aortic and vascular surgery.

Minimally invasive, endovascular treatments reduced pain, length of hospital stay, and risk of infection.

Transcarotid Artery Revascularization, or TCAR, is a newer, minimally invasive procedure developed to treat carotid artery disease and prevent stroke. It requires a smaller incision than previous forms of treatment.

Because we’re part of the only academic medical center in the region, we have access to innovative new technologies that can improve patient outcomes.


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We serve you in the Rochester metropolitan area and surrounding region.

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Vascular Surgery - Rochester

Highland Hospital
1000 South Avenue, East 251C
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Vascular Surgery - Rochester

Canal View Office Complex
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395 West Street, Suite 007
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