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Welcome to NEURO2ALL

The Del Monte Institute Neuroscience Diversity Commission strives to empower all to pursue a career in science. For this to be a success, our work must start at the beginning of a student’s educational journey. The program NEURO2ALL aims at fostering a curiosity in the brain and empowering the next generation of neuroscientists. With a focus on creating curriculum aimed at historically marginalized students in grades K-8, diversity commission members will engage with students to expose and encourage a passion for research and neuroscience.

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Help us inspire future scientists!

     Coming soon: Winter/Spring 2023


Science Outreach for All (IND 442)

Tufi Brima  Instructor: Tufikameni Brima, PhD
  • In this pilot course students will work individually and in teams. The goal is to develop a teaching module, plan, and lead a NEURO2ALL pop-up event.

Upcoming Events

    Coming soon!


Contact for more information or to coordinate an event.