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Welcome to NEURO2ALL

The Del Monte Institute Neuroscience Diversity Commission strives to empower all to pursue a career in science. For this to be a success, our work must start at the beginning of a student’s educational journey. NEURO2ALL aims to foster curiosity around brain science and empower the next generation of neuroscientists. With a focus on creating curriculum geared toward historically marginalized students in pre-K through junior-high.  NEURO2ALL workgroup members and Science Outreach to All course students engage with children in the community to expose them to and encourage a passion for research and neuroscience.

Science Outreach to All Course (IND 442)
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NeURo2All logoCourse will be held Spring semester 2024 on Wednesdays 10:30am - 12:10pm.
Wednesday January 17th is the last day to register for this class.

NEURO2ALL is built around this custom-designed course for undergraduate and graduate students.  In this two-credit course, students will work individually and in teams to develop, plan, and lead hands-on, interactive modules that introduce basic neuroscience concepts at pop-up learning events at community partner organization venues. This course provides graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to reach groups that have been historically marginalized and share the message that science is for all.

Madalina TicarusCourse Director:
Madalina Tivarus, PhD
Kathryn Toffolo, PhDCourse Instructor:
Kathryn Toffolo, PhD
Victoria (Tori) PopovCourse Instructor:
Victoria (Tori) Popov, MS

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