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Eastman Institute for Oral Health / Educational Programs / General Practice Residency

General Practice Residency

Dr. Maricelle Abayon




Maricelle Abayon, D.M.D..

(Interim) Program Director

  • Open to US/Canadian trained dentists
  • One-year certificate program
  • Eleven applicants accepted each year
  • Admission requirements

The General Practice Residency program is a graduate program of the Department of Dentistry at the University of Rochester. We provide service within the realm of total patient care at Eastman Dental Downtown, Strong Memorial and Highland Hospitals.
Program Details

Program Goals and Objectives

  1. Act as a primary care provider for individuals and groups of patients. This includes: providing emergency and multidisciplinary comprehensive oral health care; providing patient focused care coordinated by the general practitioner; directing health promotion and disease prevention activities, and using advanced dental treatment modalities.
  2. Plan and provide multidisciplinary oral health care for a variety of patients including those with special needs.
  3. Manage the delivery of oral health care by applying concepts of patient and practice management and quality improvement that are responsive to a dynamic health care environment.
  4. Function effectively within the hospital and other health care environments.
  5. Function effectively within interdisciplinary health care teams.
  6. Apply scientific principles to learning and oral health care. This includes using critical thinking, evidence or outcomes-based clinical decision making, and technology-based information retrieval systems.
  7. Utilize the values of professional ethics, lifelong learning, patient centered care, adaptability, and acceptance of cultural diversity in professional practice.
  8. Understand community oral health needs and engage in community service.

These goals are evaluated quarterly through multiple resident evaluation tools and through an end-of-year questionnaire. Additionally, periodic surveys of recent graduates will be used to supplement the data. These data are reviewed by the program director and faculty, and appropriate actions are taken.

Degree Granting Programs

The two-year General Practice Residency program can be combined with various research-training grants and/or a Masters of Science or Masters of Public Health.


There are many research opportunities through the Eastman Department of Dentistry and the University of Rochester. Research activities can be combined with graduate degree programs, grants, or as an additional residency experience. We encourage all of our residents to have some research activities; however, the two-year program lends itself to a fuller research experience.

Clinical Assignments and Dental Clinics

Oral Medicine

Family Medicine

Eastman Dental Downtown, Strong Memorial Hospital, and Highland Hospital

The assignments comprise comprehensive clinical care in general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics endodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery.

All residents, when not on outside rotations, are assigned to the Downtown, Strong Memorial and Highland hospital clinics. During this time the residents provide comprehensive care to scheduled patients. Members of attending staff are present at all times. Specialist supervision is provided on scheduled days.

Operating Room

General Dentistry

  • Residents will assist staff who admit patients for treatment in the operating room under general anesthesia.

Oral Surgery

  • Residents will rotate under supervision of oral surgery residents in the admission and care of oral surgery patients, and will assist in the operating room.

Pediatric Dentistry

  • Residents will assist the pediatric attending staff, who admit patients for treatment in the operating room under general anesthesia.


Contact Us

Maria Karvounidis
Program Coordinator
General Practice Residency
Eastman Institute for Oral Heath
625 Elmwood Ave. Box 683
Rochester, NY 14620