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The Eastman Institute for Oral Health, ranking in the top ten for NIDCR dentistry funding, continues to gain international attention for breakthrough discoveries.

image of salivary glandWe work on a wide range of projects, including oral infectious diseases, salivary gland biology, craniofacial development, and community-based disease prevention. We focus on basic-science research as well as translational, clinical and community dentistry research.

We have four specific research goals as we expand our capabilities:

  • To boost our national reputation as a research institution
  • To enhance clinical and translational research
  • To better integrate basic with translational and clinical research efforts
  • To improve the overall quality and number of research-intensive faculty

Our Recent Publications

Baker, J. L., Abranches, J., Faustoferri, R. C., Hubbard, C. J., Lemos, J. A., Courtney, M. A., & Quivey, R.,Jr. (2015). Transcriptional profile of glucose-shocked and acid-adapted strains of streptococcus mutans. Molecular Oral Microbiology

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