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Covid Safety & Resources

Leading the Way Through Research During Uncertain Times

In the early stages of the pandemic, Eastman Institute for Oral Health experts assessed all the available evidence at the time to determine the potential risks of practicing dentistry during COVID-19 and hosted a global forum to compare notes and improve the knowledge base worldwide.

“Dental Care and Oral Health under the Clouds of COVID-19,” published in April 2020 in JDR Clinical and Translational Research, continues today to be the most cited and most read, having been downloaded more than 13,000 times. Authors Drs. Ren, Rasubala, Eliav and Malmstrom wanted to address the confusion and anxiety early in the pandemic’s cycle when emergency-only dental procedures were allowed in the U.S.

With emerging evidence that COVID-19 might be transmissible via airborne aerosol particles, EIOH’s research is now focused on aerosol removal from dental offices by ventilation, air filtration and source controls.

Studies led by Dr. Yanfang Ren have showed that aerosol particles will accumulate in dental treatment rooms with a low ventilation rate (less than 6 air changes per hour), and that a portable air cleaner with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is effective in reducing aerosol accumulation and speeding up aerosol removal.

Dr. Yanfang Ren“We also found that carbon dioxide levels in dental treatment rooms are directly associated with ventilation rate and the number of people in the room,” Dr. Ren explained. “We have developed a protocol for dental practitioners to conveniently and accurately assess the ventilation rate of their treatment rooms by observing the CO2 levels after a simple mixing of household baking soda with vinegar.”

(Coming soon - a video and calculator to help providers assess their ventilation rate)

Dr. Ren and his team continue to study aerosol behavior and aerosol control from dental offices in collaboration with University of Rochester mechanical, chemical and building engineers to better understand the risks related to dental aerosols and to assess the effectiveness of different equipment for aerosol removal from dental offices.”

EIOH Research Featured Globally

Medical Dialogues – February 2021
Addition of PAC with HEPA May Prevent COVID – 19 Spread In Dental Clinics: Study
Article by Dr. Nandita Mohan citing EIOH research
Ventilation Rate Assessment by Carbon Dioxide Levels in Dental Treatment Rooms
Authors: Drs. Huang, Marzouk, Cirligeanu, Malmstrom, Eliav, Ren

Tenth Annual Delta Dental of Virginia Oral Health Endowed Lecture – January 2021
The Role of Aerosols in the Transmission of Covid-19
Linsey C. Marr, PhD, Renowned Aerosol Scientist
     EIOH’s Dr. Ren’s research was cited during Dr. Marr’s lecture

Journal of DentistryDecember 2020
Effects of Mechanical Ventilation and Portable Air Cleaner on Aerosol Removal from Dental Treatment Rooms.
Authors:  Drs. Ren, Huang, Marzouk, Richard, Pembroke, Martone, Venner, Malmstrom, Eliav

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland -  October 2020
Delivering Oral Health Care During COVID-19: Risks and Opportunities
Faculty of Dentistry Annual Scientific Meeting. Dublin, Ireland.  (

IADR/AADR - August 2020
Scientific Basis for Delivering Oral Health Care During COVID-19. IADR/AADR COVID-19 Webinar Series (available online at )

Journal of Dentistry – July 2020
Risk for Dental Healthcare Professionals During the Covid-19 Global Pandemic: an Evidence Based Assessment
Authors: Drs. Ren, Feng, Rasubala, Malmstrom, Eliav

Paedodontic Society of South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa – June 2020
Challenges and Opportunities – Dental Care and Oral Health under the Covid-19 Pandemic. PSSA June CPD Series - Session One. (
Dr. Yanfang Ren

Quintessence International – May 2020
Dental Care During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID 19) Outbreak: Operatory Considerations and Clinical Aspects
Authors: Drs. Abramovitz, Palmon, Levy,  Karabucak,  Kot-Limon,  Shay,  Kolokythas,  Almoznino

JDR Clinical & Translational Research –– April 2020
Dental Care and Oral Health Under the Clouds of COVID-19
Invited Commentary
Authors: Drs. Ren, Rasubala, Malmstrom, Eliav