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Feb 01, 2024
EIOH’s Dr. Jin Xiao Tapped for ADA Council on Scientific Affairs
Dec 04, 2023
EIOH Associate Professor Honored with Prestigious Research Award
Nov 27, 2023
Leading the Way in Early Childhood Caries Research
Oct 09, 2023
EIOH Awarded Grant to Assess Comorbidities and Understand Barriers to Care for People with HIV/AIDS
Aug 24, 2023
NSF Awards UR Computer Science and EIOH Grant to Reduce Oral Health Disparities Using AI
Jul 02, 2023
Eastman Institute Graduates 77 Specialists from 30 Countries
Feb 08, 2023
Combining Pregnancy and Dental Check Ups
Jan 09, 2023
How Mom's Nutrition Impacts Baby's Oral Health
Oct 10, 2022
Dr. William McHugh Dies at 93
Sep 16, 2022
Eastman Institute Ushers in New Era of Research